Top 8 things to do in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is a true gem, offering stunning countryside that will leave you in awe, breathtaking fenland vistas that are a feast for the eyes, charming market towns brimming with history, and the prestigious honour of being home to one of the world’s greatest seats of learning.

This county is not just a place to visit; it’s an experience waiting to be had.

Cambridgeshire has something special in store for everyone, take a look at our new build homes in Cambridgeshire.


The Cathedral City of Ely

Renowned for its incredible cathedral, the origins of which date back to AD672, Ely is one of the most picturesque cities in the country.

The spires of the famed cathedral dominate the skyline, and a day spent wandering its cavernous interior and marvelling at its mix of architectural styles (from Norman to baroque) is a day truly well spent.

But Ely has much more to offer, let’s take a look:

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Ely Cathedral

A Punt on the River Cam

As synonymous with Cambridge as the spires of King’s College and cycling on quaint cobbled streets, you will find the serene waters and verdant banks of the River Cam.

There’s no better way to experience this wonderful waterway than a traditional punt along the River Cam, let’s take a look at what you can get up to during your visit:

  • Enjoy the Scenic College Backs
  • Relax and Unwind
  • Learn About History and Architecture
  • Picnic on the River
  • Capture Stunning Photographs

For those of you who live in our nearby Hopkins Homes development at Kingley Grove, the River Cam at Grantchester is just nine miles to the south, so you’re perfectly positioned to take a punt on it.

punting on the river Cam near Clare College in Cambridge

Chippenham Park Gardens

The old saying goes, “If you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener” so when you see the glorious grounds of Chippenham Park Gardens, you will understand why.

The history of the gardens goes back 300 years, being originally designed as an Anglo-Dutch landscape of canals, parks, woodland and formal gardens – a design that remains largely unchanged today.

Here’s what you can do on your visit to this beautiful place:

  • Stroll Through the Seasonal Gardens
  • Visit the Lakes and Water Features
  • Enjoy the Woodland Walks
  • Spot Wildlife and Birds
  • Relax with a Picnic

Those living at our Miller’s Gate development in Soham also find themselves in the enviable position of being just six miles from the gardens.


The Imperial War Museum In Duxford

A 22-minute drive south from Cambridge is Europe’s largest aviation museum, the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.

A celebration of this country’s unparalleled aviation history, IWM Duxford lets you walk through the same hangars and buildings as those who served during RAF Duxford’s illustrious history.

A paean to the engineering feats of history’s heroes of the skies, IWM Duxford is a place that will delight people of all ages. Here’s what you can do there:

  • Explore Historic Aircraft
  • Visit the American Air Museum
  • Witness Restoration Projects
  • Attend Air Shows
  • Learn About the History of British Battles
St ives bridge in cambridge

The Cambridge Gin Laboratory

The Cambridge Gin Laboratory are on a mission – to teach the world to gin. By which we mean, they’ve created an interactive space in the centre of Cambridge where people can learn about this most popular of tipples.

What can you get up to in the wonderful world of gin science? Let’s take a look:

  • Gin Tasting Sessions
  • Gin Making Workshops
  • Educational Talks on Gin History
  • Botanical Education
  • Relax at the Gin Bar


The Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum is a cultural gem, housing a vast collection of art and antiquities.

From ancient Egyptian artefacts to masterpieces by renowned painters, the museum offers a journey through history and creativity. It’s a great spot for art lovers and history lovers.

Here’s what you can do on your visit:

  • Explore the Ancient Artefacts
  • Witness the Art of Van Gough
  • Temporary Exhibitions
  • Find a Souvenir at the Gift Shop
  • Grab a bite to Eat at the Cafe
A Cambridge college from the river Cam

Cambridge Science Centre

The Cambridge Science Centre, situated in the heart of Cambridge, UK, is a vibrant hub of scientific exploration and learning, primarily aimed at children and families.

With its ever-changing themes and exhibits, the Cambridge Science Centre offers a fresh and exciting educational experience on each visit, making it a popular destination for school trips, family outings, and anyone with a curious mind.

Let’s take a look at what you can do here:

  • Experience it Hands-On with Interactive Exhibits
  • Take Educational Workshops
  • Live Science Shows
  • Visit the Gift Shop
  • Enjoy Family Activities


Wicken Fen Nature Reserve

Wicken Fen, nestled near the charming city of Ely, stands as one of Britain’s most ancient and treasured nature reserves.

This remarkable place presents a rare opportunity to delve into the distinct and captivating fenland landscape, a type of wetland that’s both unusual and incredibly important for biodiversity.

Here’s what you can do on your visit:

  • Explore the Fenland Landscape
  • Get Involved in Birdwatching
  • Observe a Variety of Butterflies and Dragonflies
  • Learn More About Conservation
  • Enjoy the Tranquil Surroundings


Jesus Green, Cambridgeshire

Is Cambridgeshire for You?

Once you visit, it’s hard to say goodbye to the beautiful settings. Why not stay a little longer and take a look at our amazing new build homes in Cambridgeshire?

If you’re spoilt for choice, here’s our guide to the best places to live in Cambridgeshire.


What are the top attractions to visit in Cambridgeshire?

There are plenty of things to see! Here are just some of our favourites:

  • The University of Cambridge: Famous for its historic colleges and beautiful architecture.
  • Ely Cathedral: A magnificent example of medieval architecture.
  • The Fitzwilliam Museum: Offers a wide collection of art and antiquities.
  • The Imperial War Museum Duxford: Europe’s largest air museum.

Where is the best place to stay in Cambridgeshire?

Cambridge city centre is a great option for those wanting to explore the historic sites and enjoy easy access to shops and restaurants.

For a quieter, countryside experience, consider staying in a rural B&B or a boutique hotel in market towns like Ely or St Ives.

What is Cambridgeshire most famous for?

Cambridgeshire is most famous for the University of Cambridge, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world.

It’s also known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and significant contributions to science and technology.

Is there much to do in Cambridgeshire?

There’s plenty to do, from punting on the River Cam to exploring historic sites, visiting museums, and enjoying the vibrant arts and cultural scene in Cambridge.

The county also offers beautiful countryside for walking, cycling, and nature watching.

What to do on a cold day in Cambridgeshire?

We recommend indoor activities such as:

  • Visit museums like the Fitzwilliam Museum or the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.
  • Enjoy shopping and dining in Cambridge’s city centre.
  • Spend time in cosy cafés or traditional pubs.

What is some traditional Cambridgeshire food?

Traditional food in Cambridgeshire is almost as beautiful as the area (but not quite). Here are some options to try:

  • Huntingdon Fidget Pie: A traditional pork pie with apples and potatoes.
  • Cambridge Burnt Cream: Similar to French crème brûlée.
  • Chelsea Bun: A type of currant bun that was first created in the 18th century at The Chelsea Bun House in London, but has become associated with Cambridgeshire.

What famous celebrities live in Cambridgeshire?

Cambridgeshire, particularly the Cambridge area, is often a residence for academics, scientists, and authors due to its university connections.

Some of the famous people who have lived or currently live in Cambridgeshire include:

  • Stephen Hawking – The renowned theoretical physicist and author of “A Brief History of Time” was a long-time resident of Cambridge, where he was a professor at the University of Cambridge.
  • Sir David Attenborough – The famous broadcaster and natural historian, known for his documentary series about the natural world, has had connections to Cambridge through his education and work.
  • Emma Thompson – The acclaimed actress and screenwriter studied at Cambridge University and has been associated with the area.
  • Syd Barrett and Roger Waters – Founding members of the iconic rock band Pink Floyd, both Barrett and Waters met while attending school in Cambridge.