Our Approach

Our commitment to meticulous planning, great design and expert craftsmanship means we’re trusted by communities, customers and local authorities to build homes of outstanding quality.

We don’t just work in East Anglia, we live in East Anglia, so we feel more obliged and committed to get it right. To us, this doesn’t just mean building beautiful properties, it means creating beautiful communities, where each Hopkins home feels like part of the surrounding environment.

Our responsibility to the environment extends to our eco-friendly building methods. Our homes are built with the most up-to-date insulation and energy-efficient features. We use sustainably sourced timber for our window frames, and many of our properties are now heated with air-source heat pumps, which absorb air from the outside to heat the home’s interior and hot water.

Our approach means that we build homes and communities that we’d be proud to live in ourselves – and, in fact, many of our colleagues do just that.

Our homes are inspired by the housebuilding traditions of the past, built by craftspeople who employ techniques used for generations. We believe this gives our homes a signature look and quality that will stand the test of time. But even though they’re timeless on the outside, our homes move with the times on the inside. Contemporary interior design, high-end appliances, the finest of finishing touches – you can expect all of these things with a Hopkins home.

Woodland Rise, Barrow


We understand that new developments can pose challenges. That’s why we engage with local communities and residents so we can understand their concerns and, where possible, address them.

We hold regular public exhibitions, inviting residents to view and comment on our proposals, and to give us the chance to share the positives that come from a Hopkins Homes development.

We’ve built a strong reputation for trust and quality since building our first home in 1985, and it’s one that often alleviates many of the understandable concerns people have.

We’ve spent decades building close, transparent relationships with local councils and communities. Those who get to know us soon understand that we work with diligence and that our homes don’t just empathise with local environments, they enhance them.


Current planning

Hopkins Homes has a number of applications in progress for permission to create new communities in the East of England and provide homes that will stand the test of time. You can find a brief summary of each proposal below, including guidance on how to find out more specific details.

Ipswich Road, Brantham

Hopkins Homes has submitted a full application for 127 new homes on land south of Ipswich Road. The proposals will deliver new homes aligned to local needs, including affordable dwellings, together with public open space and the provision of a new car park to serve the church and nursery.

You can view the vision, details and proposed plans that were submitted to Babergh District Council on the Council’s website (Ref: DC/20/02459).

Park Road, Grundisburgh

Hopkins Homes has submitted a full planning application for 70 new homes on land west of Chapel Road, Grundisburgh. The site is allocated for housing in the adopted East Suffolk Local Plan. The scheme proposes a range of house types, including affordable housing, to meet local local housing needs, together with public open space and a play area.

The application and details of the proposed plans submitted to East Suffolk Council are viewable on the Council’s website. (Ref: DC/20/3362/FUL and DC/20/3284/FUL).

Framlingham Road, Laxfield

Hopkins & Moore has submitted a reserved matters application for 49 new homes on land south of Framlingham Road, Laxfield, the site having previously received outline planning permission. The proposals provide a mix of 2 to 5 bedroom houses and bungalows, including 17 affordable housing dwellings to meet local housing needs together with public open space and a new car park to serve the nearby Primary School.

The application and details of the proposed plans can be viewed on Mid Suffolk Councils website (Ref: DC/21/02617)