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Complaints Procedure

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Committed to You.

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service or have a concern / issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction and wish for it to be reviewed further, we kindly ask you to advise us as soon as possible.

Our Customer Service Team

Our Customer Services team is available to listen and address your concerns if you believe that we have:

  • Failed to fulfil our responsibilities
  • Made errors
  • Treated you unfairly or impolitely
  • Not resolved or adequately progressed an issue within a timely manner

We are committed to providing a 5-star customer service, so if you have a concern or complaint, please let us know – we will want to learn from it and put it right.

Your legal rights are not affected by following this complaints procedure.

Companies Procedure Step by Step.


  1. 1.If you have a concern or issue

    In the first instance, you should raise any concerns with the relevant department, as they are best placed to deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.

    New Buyers

    If you have yet to purchase a home


    If you have legally completed on your new home

    We hope this will see your concerns resolved swiftly and to your satisfaction.

  2. 2.What if I’m not satisfied?

    We aim to resolve all concerns during step 1. However, if this is not the case and you wish to raise a formal complaint, please send an email to the same address with ‘Formal Complaint’ written in the subject line. This will be reviewed by the relevant Head of Department.

    To help us review your complaint as swiftly as possible, we ask that you provide the following information:

    • Your name, address and preferred contact details
    • An overview of your complaint or issue including any supporting evidence e.g. photographs or documents
    • If you have already been in touch with us and if so, the name of the last person you spoke to
    • What outcome you are hoping for



    All complaints will be acknowledged within 5 days from the first business day after receiving the complaint.

    Within 10 days of receipt, our team will either reply fully or advise you of the steps they are taking and give a date by which they will be able to respond in full to your complaint.

    Within 30 days a complaint assessment and full response will be provided if the complaint is not already settled. If the complaint has been resolved, this will confirm what steps were taken. If the resolution is still underway, the response will detail what has caused the delay, and the anticipated date for resolution.

    After 56 calendar days and in the unlikely event that the complaint remains unresolved, we will send a further response to provide information on what has caused the delay, details on next steps and the anticipated date for resolution. We will keep you updated on our progress at least every 28 days.


  3. 3.What happens if I’m still not happy?

    We will always do our best to deal with our customers in a fair and responsible manner. If, however, after going through the steps outlined above, you are still unhappy, you may refer your complaint to the New Homes Ombudsman for independent review.

    Referrals can only be made after 56 days of the complaint start date (8 weeks) and within the first two years post completion. After this period, disputes within the structural warranty period may be referred to the New Home Warranty Provider if relevant. If you reserved your home with us on or after 04 April 2023, the New Homes Quality Code applies. If you reserved your home before 04 April 2023, the Consumer Code for Home Builders applies.

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