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Your Safety Is Everything.

At Hopkins Homes, safety is always paramount. It should be noted that construction work may continue within the development after you have moved into your new home and unfortunately, a certain amount of dust and noise is inevitable.

Our construction team is committed to minimising any potential disruptions and will strive to keep any inconvenience to a minimum.

Living on a live development.

We advise taking extra care whilst living on a live development. We kindly ask that you adhere to the following advice to ensure everyone’s safety:

Please take extra care when driving or walking around the area

The final finish to roads and paths is usually one of the last tasks, which may result in drains and manhole covers being higher than usual.


DO NOT enter any construction or work areas at any time

Visitors to the construction area must report to the site office and gain permission to proceed – you will also need to wear protective clothing and footwear.


Children are naturally curious and will want to explore

Please alert your children to the very real dangers on site and if they’re playing outside your home, be sure of their whereabouts.


Construction traffic may be moving about during the day

Please take care when walking or driving. Construction vehicles are not easy to manoeuvre and cannot stop quickly. Before passing site vehicles, ensure that the driver has seen you.


Keep an eye on your pets

If you have pets, please be aware of their whereabouts; they may become trapped in the construction areas or cause an accident.


Observe Signage

  • Please observe and follow safety signs and procedures at all times.
  • Footpaths and designated walkways must be kept clear of obstructions. Please do not park in these areas.
  • Please do not remove or alter any signs, barriers or safety equipment on site at any time.


Health & Safety

All persons entering the site and construction areas must comply with all regulations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, whilst we complete your development to the highest standards.

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