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Help to Buy

With the Government backed Help to Buy scheme, you could buy YOUR VERY FIRST home with just A 5% deposit.
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You could get an equity loan from the Government worth up to 20% of your new home, which means you would only need to secure a 75% mortgage. You own 100% of your home from day one.
The Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme 2021-2023, for homes legally completing between 2nd April 2021 and 31st March 2023, is available on Hopkins Homes properties with a full purchase price under £407,400 and estimated to be build complete within six months at the point of enquiry. The last date homebuyers can reserve a home and apply for the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme is 31st October 2022. It is available to first time buyers only; if you or a joint buyer, have ever owned any property interest then you will not be able to use it. Please check eligibility with our recommended IFAs.

The Help to Buy: Equity Loan is subject to eligibility, terms and conditions.

What is Help To Buy?

Help to Buy: Equity Loan is a Government backed equity loan scheme that is designed to make home ownership more affordable for first time buyers.

How does Help to Buy work?

With Help to Buy: Equity Loan, the Government will give you an equity loan worth up to 20% of the value of your new home. That means you will only need to put down a 5% deposit and take out an affordable 75% mortgage. You own 100% of your home from day one.

Who can access the Help to Buy scheme?

To qualify a purchaser must be a First Time Buyer meaning a purchaser(s) who has not (either alone or with others):

  • Previously acquired via purchase, gift, trust or inheritance an interest in a home or land anywhere in the world; and/or benefitted from any form of sharia mortgage finance.
  • If the home is being bought by more than one individual, all purchases must be First Time Buyers to qualify.
How does the equity loan work?

The equity loan is interest free for the first five years. From year six a fee of 1.75% is payable on the equity loan, which rises annually by the Consumer Price index (CPI) plus 2%.

When will I have to pay back my equity loan?

The equity loan can be repaid at any time within the first 25 years (or the terms of the mortgage), or on the sale of the property.

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For more information on the Help to Buy scheme, please visit

Homebuyers planning to use the Help To Buy: Equity Loan should contact a Help to Buy agent. You can find your local Help to Buy agent here.