About us - Our social responsibility


Our Social Responsibility

Hopkins Homes' commitment to East Anglia.

As East Anglia’s largest privately owned housebuilder, we fully understand the responsibilities we have to this beautiful part of the country.

Minimising environmental impact is key to what we do. We aim to create spaces that enhance the local environment and improve with age. We work with local suppliers and trades where we can because we think it’s important to do so.

Our ethos.

The Hopkins Homes ethos is simple – We plan, design and build beautiful houses that we’d be proud to call home. That means no shortcuts and no compromises in our pursuit of excellence. We only work with high-quality materials that complement and enhance the local area. So that, by building properties that are sympathetic to their environments, we don’t just build homes, we help build communities.

Environment awareness.

We install energy-efficient features and select products and materials carefully for their provenance. Many of our homes are heated with efficient air-source heat pumps instead of conventional gas boilers. We’ve introduced flue gas heat recovery and waste-water heat recovery into many of our new homes to reduce carbon emissions.  The measures we take result in homes that meet all requirements for energy saving – which saves you money in energy bills, too – all while staying practical and beautiful.

Nothing is left to chance in the planning of our developments. The green spaces are designed to be in keeping with existing surroundings and to mature beautifully, enhancing the natural environment. We seek to provide sustainable drainage solutions for surface water rather than standard soakaways. These could be attenuation basins or ponds. If there’s an existing ditch network, we’ll use it, rather than dig and level the ground to install a new pipe network. Our landscaping plans will carefully take into account existing trees, hedgerows and natural features wherever possible. We often incorporate areas of wildflower seeding in open spaces to enhance bio-diversity and we’ve undertaken measures to install more <a href=”https://www.hopkinshomes.co.uk/installs-more-swift-bricks/”>swift bricks</a> to help the species thrive.

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Investing in people.

We invest in our people and their futures through sponsored degrees, apprenticeships and training. Many of our senior staff joined Hopkins Homes in junior positions, progressing their careers and making a valuable contribution to our success. Like our people, charity is important to us. We hold regular volunteer days where Hopkins Homes colleagues roll up their sleeves in support of local charities. It’s a great win-win: we get hands-on experience of critical work that often goes unseen in our communities, while the charity gets an enthusiastic group of workers for the day. It’s for reasons like this that people are proud to work for Hopkins Homes. In turn, this helps us attract the best talent, so we can continue building some of the best new-build homes in East Anglia.