5 Ideas To Create a Hedgehog Haven

If you’re looking to make your garden a haven for hedgehogs, you’ve come to the right place. Hedgehogs are adorable creatures that play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Unfortunately, their numbers have significantly declined in recent years due to habitat loss and degradation. That’s why we’ve joined the Hedgehog Street campaign and are installing Hedgehog Highways on all our new build homes developments.

By providing hedgehogs with a safe and welcoming environment, you can help increase their population and contribute to their conservation efforts.  In this article, we explore five ideas on how to make your new garden a hedgehog haven.

  1. Embrace the Wild: Allow a corner of your garden to flourish by not cutting back the plants during winter. This overgrown area can serve as a perfect nesting spot for hedgehogs, providing them with shelter and protection. Additionally, the untamed plants will attract an abundance of insects, which will serve as a vital food source for these spiky visitors. By embracing the wild, you create a natural haven that supports hedgehog populations.
  2. Log Pile: Creating a log pile is one of the simplest ways to encourage wildlife, including hedgehogs, into your garden. Piles of logs offer a safe and cosy sanctuary for hedgehogs to seek shelter all year round. The nooks and crannies between the logs provide a perfect hiding place for hedgehogs to rest and hibernate. Moreover, the decomposing wood attracts insects, which are a vital part of a hedgehog’s diet. So, gather some logs and create a welcoming habitat for these adorable creatures.
  3. Hedgehog Homes: Consider investing in ready-made or homemade hedgehog homes. These purpose-built shelters provide hedgehogs with a safe sanctuary to sleep, nest, and hibernate. Homemade hedgehog houses can be made using old wooden boxes, ensuring they have a tunnel for easy access. Fill the box with dry leaves, hay, or straw to create a warm and comfortable environment. Place the house in a quiet part of your garden, ideally covered with leaves or logs to blend in with the surroundings.
  4. Supplementary Food: While hedgehogs primarily feed on insects, providing them with supplementary food can greatly benefit their overall health. Meat-based wet cat and dog food are excellent choices as they are rich in protein, which hedgehogs require. Place the food in a shallow dish and leave it out, especially during times when water and food might be scarce. Remember, hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, so refrain from offering them milk.
  5. Hibernation Areas: Be mindful of hibernating hedgehogs when working in your garden. Piles of debris or leaves can be irresistible nesting spots for these creatures. Before sticking a fork into a leaf pile or lighting a bonfire, thoroughly check for any hidden hedgehogs. To avoid disturbing their hibernation or nesting areas, consider moving the debris to a different area before burning it.

By implementing these five ideas, you can transform your new garden into a hedgehog haven. Remember, hedgehogs are increasingly relying on urban and suburban areas for shelter, making it crucial for us to provide them with safe habitats. Embracing the wild, creating log piles, building hedgehog homes, offering supplementary food, and being mindful of hibernation areas are all steps towards ensuring the well-being of these delightful creatures.

Let’s join forces and give a hog a home in our gardens for a brighter future for hedgehogs.