Suffolk's First Zero Bills Homes with Octopus Energy

In a move to meet the growing demand for sustainable living, we have partnered with Octopus Energy to offer the first-ever Zero Bills homes in Suffolk. This pilot scheme will be available exclusively at our Church View development in Bramford.

‘Zero Bills’ is a world-first smart tariff that allows customers to move into homes that are fully kitted out with green technology and with no energy bills, guaranteed.

The three- and four-bedroom houses will be equipped with cutting-edge, green technology including roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, air-source heat pumps and a home battery.

“We recognise our role in creating environmentally friendly communities,” said Duncan Jackson, Managing Director of Hopkins Homes. “We are committed to delivering energy efficiency and smarter living, while maintaining the charm and traditional essence of our homes.  This partnership represents the first of many exciting initiatives for Hopkins Homes as we strive towards the goal of being net-zero-carbon ready by 2050.”

‘Zero Bills’ is made possible through Octopus’ technology platform, Kraken, which connects to the clean energy devices installed in the home and optimises their energy usage to deliver a zero bill.

In a bid to offer further financial benefit to homeowners, there is increasing interest from mortgage lenders to offer green mortgage products tailored for new-build homes, thanks to their high energy efficiency ratings and lower running costs.

To showcase the stunning development and offer guests the opportunity to learn more about these innovative homes, a launch event will be held at Church View on Saturday, April 27th.

Michael Cottrell, Zero Bills Director at Octopus Energy commented: “As the energy grid evolves, so does our ability to revolutionise homeownership. With our Zero Bills smart proposition, Hopkins Homes homeowners can enjoy not only zero energy bills, but also a genuine shift towards sustainable living. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and renewable energy, we can make green living the standard across the industry.”

A recent report by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) found that new-build properties can save homeowners an average of £2,200* per year on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by over 2.5 tonnes per property each year compared to some older properties on the open market.

Just like all our properties, the Zero Bills homes at Church View come with a manufacturer’s warranty, a two-year housebuilder’s guarantee, and a further eight years from the NHBC (National House Builders Council), ensuring complete peace of mind for homeowners.

Octopus Energy has now accredited close to 1,000 Zero Bills homes across the UK and aims to deliver 50,000 globally by 2025.  Their partnership with us marks a significant step towards achieving this goal, bringing the benefits of Zero Bills to homeowners in Suffolk for the first time.

Details of the homes for sale can be viewed here.

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