Home sales and aftercare

Home sales and aftercare


We believe Hopkins Homes should provide our clients with only two things;

An outstanding New Home, and the service which supports the high standards of design and build for which we're renowned. 


The customer timeline from completion to your two year anniversary... 

1.                   Pre-demonstration quality checks undertaken by the site team.

2.                   Customer invitation to demonstration meeting.

3.                   Demonstration meeting with the Site Team.

4.                   Legal Completion - Handover.

5.                   First 7-day warranty period with the Site Team.

6.                   First 90-days of your warranty with the Site team and the 90-day Customer Care Team.

7.                   Post 90-days warranty period managed by the Customer Care Team

8.                   (balance of 2-years builder warranty)

9.                   On the 2-year anniversary of your legal completion your Hopkins warranty expires and you continue to benefit from the NHBC warranty scheme in years 3-10.


Hopkins Homes believes that it should provide its customers with two things: an outstanding new home and the service which supports the high standards of design and build for which it is renowned. To this end, the company communicates with its customers regularly and comprehensively throughout the purchasing process. This will include the provision of a welcome folder following reservation, explaining the terms of purchase and the process involved within the purchase.

This will be backed up by a demonstration meeting between the customer and a Hopkins Homes representative at least one week before legal completion to explain and demonstrate the functions of the property.

 This in turn will be followed by a handover meeting on the day of legal completion between the customer and a Hopkins Homes representatives. Purchasers are provided a Customer Care folder with contains all the relevant warranty information, NHBC buildmark information and all manuals and guarantees for the property.

Hopkins Homes will endeavour to carry out any outstanding works identified at the demonstration meeting, before legal completion. In the event that this is not possible, the customer will be informed of precisely which works cannot be completed within the timescale and Hopkins Homes will commit to finishing them within an agreed date. Every Hopkins home will be handed over in a clean and tidy condition.

A commitment to excellence

When you choose a Hopkins home you can be confident that your new home is characteristic of the excellent levels of quality synonymous with Hopkins Homes.


Hopkins Homes, Customer Care Team