Tortoise in 100m Sprint

Tortoise in 100 metre sprint!

Speed, agility and cunning are not normally words associated with a tortoise but the 3 year old belonging to James Beaumont is certainly showing these traits. James had left his tortoise basking in the garden of their brand new home in Soham unaware that the shelled escapologist was embarking on his own 100m sprint. Fortunately, Nuala Slater the Sales Executive at the Hopkins Homes Millers Tye development was tending to the landscaped garden of the neighbouring showhome when she heard strange rustling sounds coming from the herbaceous border and did a double take when a tortoise came strutting towards her. A temporary hold was hastily fashioned from a cardboard box which the tortoise promptly ‘kicked’ its way through! Plan B involved an upturned planter, a bone china bowl from the showhome for water and sharing Nuala’s tomato salad sandwiches which he appeared to enjoy very much!