Recommend a Friend Re-Launches!


Recommend a Friend

The following terms and conditions apply to the Recommend a Friend promotion: 

1    This promotion is only valid for new reservations from 28th November 2017 until further notice

2    Only one recommendation can be accepted for the recommended purchaser

3   Payments will only be made where the recommended person('s) subsequently completes on the purchase of a Hopkins Homes or Hopkins and Moore Property 

4   This promotion is only valid if the recommended purchaser is not previously known to Hopkins Homes. This will be decided by whether or not they have previously been registered on Hopkins Homes internal database  

5    Payments under Recommend a Friend only apply for legal completions which occur within six months of the date of submission  

6     This promotion is not redeemable post reservation and is subject to full asking price  

7   This promotion is not open to any Hopkins Homes Limited or Hopkins & Moore Limited employee


Please speak to your Sales Consultant for further information