Affordable Homes Record

 During the last decade, Hopkins Homes has provided more than 600 affordable homes across the region and when sites currently being developed are complete, almost another 500 will have been added to the total.

It means almost  a third of all properties built by Hopkins Homes during this time are affordable homes making Hopkins Homes one of the largest providers of affordable housing in East Anglia working closely with local housing associations and councils to ensure the properties are integrated within its developments.

Hopkins Homes development director, Simon Bryan said: "We're proud of our record and reputation when it comes to building affordable homes. What's more we have plans for another 1,000 affordable homes as part of future developments, on land under our control, and those earmarked for current and future planning applications.

"Any developer that genuinely wants to work with communities and believes new developments can benefit the existing community as well as providing much needed new housing should see affordable houing as part of the development package. We're a local business that significantly contributes to the local economy and provides jobs and supports employment directly and indirectly. We live here and we want this region to prosper - but we also want our children to be able to afford to buy homes here.

"That's one of first things residents want to know - whether we're building homes their children can purchase, not far from where they grew up."

Usually agreed as part of the planning permission process with local councils, affordable homes are intended to help meet the local high demand for houses among first time buyers and to support those on lower wages to purchase their own property.

Of the 606 affordable homes built and sold by Hopkins Homes in the last 10 years; 318 are in Norfolk, 277 in Suffolk, 13 are in Essex and 61 are in Cambridgeshire. However there are occasions when Hopkins Homes, and other developers, are unable to provide affordable homes on a proposed development, for reasons specific to that site. Hopkins Homes has also contributed almost £1million towards provision of off-site affordable housing in the region during recent years.

One of the housing associations Hopkins Homes works with is Orbit Homes, a national housing developer with a target of building 12,000 homes by 2020. Laura Handford, deputy head of development for Orbit Homes in the east said: "It's great to see developers celebrating their delivery of affordable housing. Hopkins Homes continue to provide great quality affordable homes across the east region, particularly in areas where house prices are often so high that some local people may otherwise be forced out of the area."

John Whitelock, director of new business at Saffron Housing, said: "Saffron has been working with Hopkins Homes for more than five years now and in that time Hopkins has proved themselves to be builders of high quality homes with a good after-sales service too."

Mr Bryan added: "I believe that when it comes to building homes that people can afford, while affordable housing is important, it's not the only help we can provide. It's essential we understand the community need in each area. Usually our developments also include a mix of house-types and styles that are available on the open market to ensure that there are homes of the right size that local people can afford - particularly first-time buyers."

The Hopkins Homes success story is also an indicator of how important house building is to the wider economy; locally, regionally and nationally.

Hopkins Homes is the largest independent house builder in East Anglia, providing much needed new homes throughout the region.