Hopkins Homes installs even more swift bricks in Cambridge

Award-winning developer, Hopkins Homes has installed more than 100 swift bricks across four of its developments to help provide a home for swifts whose numbers are in rapid decline across the UK.

Since 1995, swift populations have fallen by over 60% causing the species to be recently added to the ‘Red List for Birds’. The Red level is the highest conservation priority, with species needing urgent action to safeguard their numbers.

Hopkins Homes, which has developments across Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, has partnered with Action for Swifts – a group which has been dedicated to protecting and reversing the decline of swifts since 1995.

Action for Swifts has supplied Hopkins Homes with integral ‘S Bricks’, which provide a secure nest chamber for the protected species.

The swift brick is smaller than most other similar products on the market but due to its thin walls, provides more high-quality space for the birds.

Lee Barnard, Group Managing Director, said: “At Hopkins Homes we pride ourselves on enhancing the communities and areas that our homes are a part of and we hope that by installing even more swift bricks it will help safeguard this iconic symbol of a British summer.

“Action for Swifts do such tremendous work raising awareness for swifts, as well as provide the swift bricks which are easy to install and provide numerous benefits for the birds. We are aiming to install even more in the coming months to further protect and safeguard the species.”

The swift bricks have so far been installed at Hopkins Homes’ developments in Swanton Morley in Norfolk, Melbourn in Cambridgeshire, West Bergholt in Essex, and Beccles in Suffolk.

Dick Newell, from Action for Swifts, said: “It is no secret that swift numbers are sharply declining, due to loss of nest sites. We can reverse this decline by creating sustainable, long-term nesting places and this is where new development can make a big impact.

“We are thrilled that Hopkins Homes is taking such a positive step in helping these birds and I hope that it will encourage even more homebuilders to follow their lead.”

Across all its developments, Hopkins Homes aims to create spaces that enhance natural surroundings and protect the local environment. Landscaping plans consider existing trees, hedgerows and natural features wherever possible, and wildflowers are incorporated in open spaces to enhance biodiversity.