Empowering Women in Construction

In celebration of Women in Construction Week, we proudly share our commitment to investing in and supporting our female workforce.

With a firm belief in gender diversity and inclusion, Hopkins Homes not only recognises the valuable contributions of women in the construction industry but actively works to create opportunities for their advancement.

We currently employ women across a broad expanse of roles, including Anna Keeble, a Land Estimator undertaking a Degree Level Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering. Anna’s journey is a good example of the opportunities available for women in construction. “I’ve enjoyed my two years here so far and I keep learning new things and getting more and more involved with other teams in the business,” she says. Her story highlights the dynamic nature of the construction industry and the potential for growth and progression for women who pursue careers in this field.

Susannah Brasted, Head of Health & Safety, echoes Anna’s sentiments, emphasising the importance of employers promoting trade apprenticeships and education within various roles.

Reflecting on her own journey, Susannah highlights the need for greater awareness of the diverse career opportunities available within the industry. “I started working in the construction industry after a brief time working in the field of Construction Recruitment. I was then taken on by one of our clients, as a Business Development Manager. The first thing I realised the business needed was better management of Health & Safety (H&S), and access to the accreditation which open doors to tender for work. The company put me through my H&S qualifications, and I discovered a passion for construction H&S, which has driven me in my career to this day,” she explains.

She continues by highlighting the impact of apprenticeships on increasing female representation in construction roles. “The availability of trade apprenticeships and promoting these within schools and colleges, has led to a significant increase in women working on construction sites and building careers within certain trades. I have seen women working as bricklayers, carpenters, dry liners, painters, groundworkers and site managers, over recent years, which is encouraging.  However, there are lesser-known roles also available such as health & safety and design.” she remarks.

Susannah also commends us for our inclusive environment and hopes for continued progress. “I have found Hopkins Homes to be a very inclusive employer, with a number of women occupying senior management and Director level roles. The Hopkins Homes Academy, which was launched last year, is helping our people further their professional development and progress within the business.” she observes.

“I hope that we continue to see more women coming into and remaining within the construction industry. There is no doubt that it is still a male-dominated industry, but it’s an environment in which women can thrive and feel comfortable. Things have improved, with an increase in availability of women’s PPE and site clothing, along with a focus on improving welfare for women on site, including drying rooms and toilet facilities. This will only continue to improve over the coming years,” she concludes.

Despite being historically male-dominated, the construction industry is experiencing a shift towards greater gender diversity and inclusivity. By providing opportunities for skills development, career advancement, and fostering an inclusive work culture, Hopkins Homes is paving the way for a more equitable and vibrant future for women in construction.

As Women in Construction Week reminds us, celebrating the achievements and contributions of women in construction is crucial, serving as a catalyst for continued progress and innovation in the industry.