Empowering Futures - marking National Apprenticeship Week

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, Hopkins Homes, the largest privately owned housebuilder in East Anglia, has highlighted its commitment to investing in people, fostering professional development beyond the construction site.  

With apprenticeship programmes spanning Construction, Engineering, Surveying, Procurement, HR and Finance, a spectrum of expertise at all levels is being cultivated, ensuring a well-rounded and skilled workforce for the future. 

The finance department recently welcomed its first apprentice, Oliver Webb, who started his journey to become an accountant with the CIMA qualification (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). This involves a substantial amount of study, including time away from his day-to-day responsibilities to study at college.  

Oli expressed his enthusiasm for the apprenticeship, saying, “Having worked initially through an agency in a role/sector that was completely new to me, I very quickly began to enjoy the team, work environment, as well as the snippets of accountancy insight. This welcoming experience allowed me to really think about accountancy as a career. I have enjoyed contributing to many aspects of the business. I look forward to learning more and being supported by Hopkins Homes in this new chapter of my life.”

Anna Keeble, who works in the company’s Land department is also studying for a Level 6, Civil Engineer Degree. She explained: “I was keen to do an apprenticeship and learn alongside work because it broadens my knowledge of materials, structural design, contracts, and geotechnics. I deal with all these every day at work but wanted a more in-depth understanding of why certain decisions are made and the theory at university is helping with this.” 

As the nation celebrates ‘National Apprenticeship Week’ one thing is clear: empowering employees and contributing to the broader economic development of the region isn’t just for one week of the year, it’s a continual endeavour. 

Duncan Jackson, Managing Director at Hopkins Homes commented “The integration of apprenticeships into the workplace helps foster a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and excellence, driving both individual and company success.  I am proud of the contributions our apprentices are making to Hopkins Homes, bringing fresh perspectives and valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their careers.