West Bergholt

New Build Homes

in West Bergholt

Nestled in the enchanting region of Essex, West Bergholt unfolds as a splendid blend of rich history dating back to mediaeval times and contemporary charm. Residing close to the border with Suffolk, this substantial rural village stands near the historic town of Colchester, embracing its past while transitioning seamlessly into the modern era.

Modern Elegance Amidst Rustic Charm

West Bergholt is a canvas painted with the hues of modernity against a rustic backdrop. The village has embraced modern development, with new residential projects like Bergholt Place, offering a collection of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes. Nestled in the heart of West Bergholt, this development is a mere three miles from Colchester, promising a life immersed in nature yet connected to urban conveniences.

Moreover, other new builds and developments in the village, such as those by Bellway on Halstead Road, present a range of housing options, catering to the contemporary needs of residents.

River Stour near West Bergholt

Transport Connectivity: Bridging Distances

West Bergholt boasts of solid transport connectivity that bridges the rustic village charm with urban conveniences. The village is served by bus routes like the 17 Line, facilitating local commutes with its stops dotted across significant points in the village.

It’s situated a short drive away from the Colchester mainline railway station, which lies approximately 2.7 miles away, enhancing the connectivity to broader regions and making daily commutes or weekend excursions a breeze.

Scenic Trails and Leisurely Pursuits

The village offers a plethora of country walks and scenic trails for the residents to indulge in. The trail around West Bergholt Hall and the Colne Valley is a local favourite, providing a glimpse into the village’s serene countryside.

Additionally, the Hillhouse Woods and St Mary’s Old Church are other notable spots where one can relish the beauty of nature and the calmness it brings.

Dedham Vale Bergholt Place

Local Amenities and Community Life

West Bergholt’s locale is enriched with great local amenities, promising a wholesome community life. The village’s prime location near Colchester opens a gateway to a myriad of shopping, dining, and cultural experiences, making it a desirable place for modern living amidst a historic setting.

Experience Great Contemporary Living With New Build Homes In West Bergholt

We are elated to unveil Bergholt Place, a new build home estate nestled in Essex. This premium locale guarantees residents a rich experience of all that Essex has to offer.