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MoveEasy Terms & Conditions

1 ) To be able to consider your home for MoveEasy it must meet the following criteria:

  • The property must be in England
  • It must be your main residence for the last six months
  • Your chosen plot must be due to be build complete within four months from the date your application is submitted
  • Only available on properties up to the value of £750,000.

2 ) If your property is already on the market, you must speak to your estate agent prior to committing to MoveEasy, as you may be liable for fees under an agreement with your agent. Any fees in this respect remain your liability.

3 ) Throughout the MoveEasy process Hopkins Homes reserve the right to withdraw from the agreement at any time.

4 ) Once the application form has been submitted the plot selected will be placed on hold until you accept or decline our proposed marketing strategy, you will have 48 hours to decide if you would like to proceed with MoveEasy from the time we discuss our proposal with you. If you decide to decline our proposal, the plot will be remarketed.

5 ) To proceed with your application, we require a £1,000 deposit. This will be held until you have accepted or declined Hopkins Homes marketing strategy or returned in full should our proposal be unacceptable to you or should Hopkins Homes decide not to proceed with MoveEasy. If Hopkins Homes finds a buyer for your current home the £1,000 will become the reservation fee for your new home and will follow our reservation terms and conditions. Should a buyer not be found in the agreed marketing period we will retain £250 of your £1,000 deposit due to necessary administrative costs but the remaining £750 will be refunded to you.

6 ) Hopkins Homes will instruct up to three estate agents to contact you directly and arrange valuation appointments within two working days of your application being submitted. We ask all valuation appointments to be scheduled within five working days to avoid delays with your application.

7 ) Once all valuation appointments have been carried out, Hopkins Homes will review the agent reports, comparable properties, and market conditions to devise an effective marketing price and strategy. The proposal will be communicated to you by your sales consultant, if you decide to accept, Hopkins Homes will instruct up to three Estate agents to market your home for up to four weeks. The agents will book all viewings directly with you. Any offers will be reported directly to Hopkins Homes from the selling agents so we can qualify the interested parties and their capability of proceeding to exchange of contracts within the required timeframe.

8 ) Hopkins Homes will liaise with the selling agents to ensure that any interested parties are aware that legal completion on the MoveEasy property and your New Home are simultaneous, unless otherwise agreed.

9 ) Should you decide to withdraw from the MoveEasy process at any time between accepting our marketing proposal and the reservation of your new home we will retain £250 of your £1,000 deposit due to necessary administrative costs. If you withdraw from your MoveEasy application but decide to proceed with any buyer found during the marketing period under the MoveEasy scheme, you will be liable for all Estate Agents fees and associated costs.

10 ) On the basis you complete your purchase of one of our new homes as a result of this MoveEasy agreement Hopkins Homes will pay the estate agents fees. We will not pay them in any other scenario.