Buying your home - Zero energy bills


Zero Energy Bills

Zero Energy Bills

Church View, Bramford offers an exquisite collection of energy-efficient homes powered by Octopus Zero Bills™. This smart tariff from Octopus Energy offers the opportunity of comfortable living with no energy bills.

To make this possible, we’ve added a combination of green tech devices to your new home comprising PV panels, battery storage, a wastewater heat recovery system, blown cavity wall insulation, air source heat pump, underfloor heating, thermally insulated uPVC windows and LED downlights to some rooms. This means that your new home has been built to support sustainable living.

Five Steps To Zero Energy Bills*:

  1. Move into your new home powered by Octopus Zero Bills™
  2. Following completion of your new home, you will receive a welcome pack from Octopus Energy
  3. Activate your Octopus Energy Zero Bills™ tariff online
  4. Set your heating preferences in the Octopus Energy app
  5. Enjoy your new home with Octopus Zero Bills™


What is Octopus Zero Bills™?

Octopus Energy is working with UK housebuilders with the aim of offering zero energy bills on new homes built with the right combination of ‘green’ technologies. Octopus will do this by integrating with these devices using its cutting-edge Kraken tech platform to optimise the household’s consumption and energy export.

Why does the home qualify for the Octopus Zero Bills™ tariff?

An exclusive selection of homes at Church View, Bramford have been built with ‘green’ technologies including PV panels, battery storage, and electric heating to support sustainable living. The homes powered by Octopus Zero Bills™ have been designed to generate more energy than they consume, with Octopus managing the devices to guarantee a Zero Bill.

How do I find out more about the Octopus Zero Bills™ tariff?

Full details of this exclusive tariff including its T&Cs can be found on the Octopus Energy website at

How do I sign-up to the Octopus Zero Bills™ tariff?

Activating your Zero Bills™ tariff is easy. Octopus will send you a welcome pack on move-in day, including a dedicated weblink with simple steps to follow online. This is at your own discretion, and you are free to leave at any time.

How long will Octopus Energy guarantee the Zero Bills™ tariff?

Octopus currently guarantees to provide the Zero Bills™ tariff for five years. If the technology is correctly maintained, it is possible for homeowners to remain on the Zero Bills™ tariff for a longer period.

How do I maintain the hardware to comply with the Octopus Zero Bills™ tariff?

Octopus Energy will endeavour to offer the Zero Bills™ tariff for as long as your home’s devices are operational. It is therefore good practice to regularly maintain or service your home to ensure its longevity.
It is recommended that the air source heat pump has an annual service, with the battery storage serviced between 5 and 10 years. The PV panels will also need to be cleaned after 5 years.

Is there a fair usage in terms of hot water and heat?

Octopus sets a Fair Use Allowance on total electricity across the year for Zero Bills™, as stated on This is set at approximately double the expected usage, so you’ll only exceed this if you have very high heating preferences. If you do exceed it, you’ll be billed for the excess at their Flexible Octopus unit rate (still no standing charge) with billing done on an annual basis.

Can I still benefit from Zero Bills™ if I have an EV?

EV charging is not included within the Zero Bills™ allowance but will be billed separately at Intelligent Octopus unit rates – while you can still enjoy the Zero Bills™ tariff for the rest of your home’s energy needs.

Technology Used**

PV Panels

PV panels, also known as photovoltaic panels, are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. The term ‘solar panels’ is often used interchangeably with PV panels, as they both refer to panels that harness solar energy, but there is a difference. PV panels convert thermal energy into electricity using photovoltaic cells, whilst solar panels convert solar radiation into heat.


Battery Storage

Lithium-ion batteries are used to store energy generated from PV panels during periods of sunlight, providing a reliable energy storage solution.


Wastewater Heat Recovery System

A system that captures the heat from warm wastewater – shower or bath water – to preheat cold water entering the water heater, improving overall energy efficiency.


Air Source Heat Pump

A heating system that provides year round climate control transferring heat between the outside air and indoor spaces, offering steady and consistent warmth all year round.


floor Heating

A heating system installed beneath the ground floor that radiates heat upward, warming the space from the ground up for efficient and comfortable room heating.


UPVC Windows

Thermally insulated uPVC windows offer low maintenance, energy efficiency, and good protection against noise and weather.


LED Downlights

More energy efficient with a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, reducing cost and maintenance.



Increased cavity walls with blown cavity wall insulation and supertherm lintels offer a fabric-first approach to energy-efficiency.

Limits, Exclusions and Terms & Conditions

Homes powered by Octopus Zero Bills™ are only available on selected plots at Church View, Bramford.
To access the offering, you must sign-up to Octopus Energy’s Zero Bills™ tariff, details of which will be provided to you upon completion of your new home.
*Tariff terms, limits and exclusions apply: visit to learn more.

**This information is intended for explanatory purposes only and does not constitute a warranty or guarantee of any kind. While we strive to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this information, we make no warranties, guarantees, commitments or representations regarding its completeness, suitability, or applicability for any particular purpose and we shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising from reliance on it.