Building Stronger Communities

The Hopkins Charitable Fund is committed to leaving a long-lasting positive legacy in our community. We support the most vulnerable and those charities and causes that bring social cohesion to create stronger societies.

Major Projects

Over the years we are proud to have worked with many charities and partners to support all sorts of major projects supporting the most vulnerable in our society.

The projects might be offering long-term support for specific causes, such as setting up the Hopkins Plunkett Communities Scheme which supports community-run businesses in East Anglia. Other major projects have focused on providing immediate support for urgent needs, such as the Winter Crisis Fund, which provided relief to many vulnerable people living in fuel poverty in our region.

Through our work with the county Community Foundations, our contacts in the community and relationships with charities, we understand the most pressing needs in society. We’re proud to work with the charities and organisations we do, helping to design projects that will make a tangible difference to the lives of many.


The Hopkins Charitable Fund

Ever since we started building houses, we’ve been helping communities and making donations to local charities and good causes every year. We live here, too, so it’s important for us to take pride in what we do and help the most vulnerable whenever we can.